On Demand Computing: The Power to Discover is Within Your Reach Lightlink Makes Utility Computing Simple

Affordable, convenient, compatible, flexible utility computing.

Lightlink Supercomputing Center is a new service that provides high performance computing cycles to the scientific, artistic and business worlds on an international basis. It is the efficient and cost-effective alternative in the world of high-performance computing.

Reduce your computing costs

On Demand Computing (ODC) allows you to utilize high performance computing without the costs of owning and operating their own computing clusters. Whether y ou own your own clusters and use Lightlink as an overflow valve for peak demand times, or take advantage of our"ready to run" bioinformatics applications, Lightlink's bidding system will leave you smiling.


You can purchase as little or as much CPU time as you need, when you need it. Pay-as-you-go service eliminates the high cost of idle computers. Resources are allocated to you on an as-needed basis, and when they are assigned to you, they are dedicated to you.


Our goal is to make our computers easier to use than your own. We provide a broad array of common tasks, ready to go. Simply upload your standard data files and select an operation. Our system assembles the necessary software automatically and notifies you when the results are ready! See our list of ready-to-run applications.

Our friendly, knowledgeable, and friendly staff can help you with everything from logging in for the first time to writing complex custom software. Many of our tech support people are themselves part ofthe business and scientific worlds and will have hands on familiarity with the jobs being run.


We work tirelessly to protect your privacy. Your confidentiality is critical to us. Data stored on our system is visible only to you and only on the machines allocated to you. Since our network is also virtualized, it is impossible for two customers to interact, intentionally or otherwise.

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